Privacy Policy

We collect your personal information only to collect your payment, fulfill your order, and communicate with you if there is a problem with either of these processes.

To do this, we may disclose some of your information to our payment processors,, JP Morgan Chase Bank, or PayPal, depending on the payment method you select.

Otherwise, we will not intentionally disclose your information to any third party.

We will never send unsolicited advertising to any of your contact addresses.  Really.  I know everyone says this, and then they get tempted, and they do it anwyay.  I hate that.  We aren't going to do that.

We are a small company with 8 employees at the time of this writing and we value your business as if our paychecks depend on it.  Which they do.

If you ever feel we have treated you unfairly. call me, the president, on my personal cell phone at (346)262-7718.

Thank you for your business!